Miss u

Miss u so much, babe!


Compare about Canada and China

There are too many things to talking about Canada and China because they are totally different countries. I’m really interested into find what are the similarities between the two countries. In my country the high school is the most important stage in the student’s life where is in China, because the students need to do a really formal exam when they graduate and use this score to apply for university. Therefore, graduating from high school is important in China while in Canada the students will attend a huge ceremony when they graduate. As a result graduating from high school is important in Canada and China.

Monday Always Bad

Today, I just got my quiz of Reading. You can not image how bad I did about it. Anyway just don’t bury your head in the sand. But I wish I had all the time I’d ever wasted, so I could waste it all over again. Monday ! Monday ! Monday !


Quotes From Winston Churchill

“Never, never, never, never give up.” — Winston Churchill

In 1941, Churchill was invited to speak at the graduation ceremony at Oxford University. Winston Churchill was the first prime minister in U.K.. He also has a very high achievement in literature, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953. This motto inspires me more and more to know the life and time are how important for me. I did a hardest thing in my life when I first saw the motto, and it made me find a right way keep going till now.

First Remembrance Day In Canada

      November 11th is an important day in Canada that is Remembrance Day, also it is a pubic holiday.On that day I went to out by my self. I went to downtown Vancouver, but I didn’t see the activity in their the reason why was I went to there too early was about eight a.m. in the morning. I just sat in Tim Hortons with cup of coffee and searched about Remembrance Day on my cell phone. This day is to commemorate the dead of World War soldiers. All people will observe two minutes of silence at 11:11 o’clock. This time, I suddenly felt coffee bitter and just remembered the story I heard before in class where is the teacher said it. Then I took a bus for looked around in Vancouver. I saw the beauty of the sea and the drawbridge, seen all the people walked on the road are wearing poppy flowers. The view made me immersed, then the worst thing happened that was forgotten on time to join in the activity. I was so sad about that, next I was stranded in front a house silence for a minutes. In the end this was my first Remembrance Day experience in Canada.

A place i like in vancouver

I went to Granville Island two weeks ago. There are many stores for visitors and local people to go shopping. In that place we took some fabulous photos. We saw a interested machine what was some little metal balls kept rolling around.

1460068_219834104863665_541049901_n       1453439_219833848197024_192101809_n

There have a Granville Public Market that is sell fresh vegetables and foods, also there have some gift stores, like Canadian stuff and clothes.

There have one store I like it so much that was sell interest soaps.

1379732_219833888197020_1048043815_n 1458587_219833918197017_1363382330_n

They are sell thousands of kinds soaps and different shapes and nice flavor. They were made cake soaps, fish soaps, dog soaps, shell soaps and general soaps.

Also they does have soap for dogs and cats to use. I bought some of them for myself and had a really awesome day with my friends.